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Needing something more challenging than housework and children to occupy my time I started my own art business in 1988, initially producing elite Monopoly sets under licence using wood, veneer inlays, precious metals and bronze, and although it was sold very successfully through Asprey’s of London and New York, my reliance on others who were vital to the finishing process proved to be a fatal mistake to the venture.

From there I resolved never to rely on anyone else for any part of my products again and this brought me back to my original great love in art, namely Heraldry. I have been fascinated by this subject since I was about 10 years old and first learned to draw a Lion rampant!

I moved on to become involved in RAF heraldry in the form of producing paintings representing an individual’s Service history by using all the badges of units he had served with, which subsequently developed into aircraft and station histories too. The discovery during my research on some of these badges that any references to colours on them had never been formally recorded in their blazons when these were first composed led me to embark on a project to rectify this omission.

In order to raise the necessary funding for such a project the RAF Heraldry Trust (see: ) was established in 1996 and the research, re-painting and proper recording of every authorised badge has become my main occupation since then.

I was thrilled in 2010 to finally receive my first commission to design someone's personal Armorial Bearings from start to finish ( Please see Curtis Watts in my Gallery)

In addition to heraldry, I have also spread my artistic wings far and wide in other media and have produced a wide range of art including traditional paintings in gouache, acrylics, oils and enamel paints on a variety of bases ranging from paper, card, canvas, wood, and slate and have successfully learned to master the world of digital art as can be seen in my Zodiac Gallery.

In 2011 I also embarked on a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Creative Writing and History at Glynd┼Ár University at Wrexham which I successfully achieved with a 2:1 Pass.