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Not very good at this blog stuff...

AS you can probably tell from the time lapse between this and my last blog post, I am not very good at keeping this up on a regular basis... That doesn't mean that I haven't had time to do anything... it just means that, just as you set out to keep a diary by religiously writing something every day and then fail at Day 5, so every golden intention to be different this time falls by the wayside.

Sadly, even though I've been working more or less flat-out all the time on various projects, none of them have materialised in anything that I can put up as 'New' artwork other than a new banner for the RAF Heraldry Trust Facebook page, although that is quite exciting.

There are several irons in the fire as I write, some mundane, some exciting and then one that's practically off the wall! I shall be developing each of them until one of them really takes off, at which time I will probably drop the rest.

In the meantime, I will be uploading the new RAFHT banner.

TTFN til the next time, hopefully not too far into the future...