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1 July 2018


Here we are on the 1st day of July and on the run-down to, dare I mention it… Christmas!

Currently, we are experiencing the hottest spell of weather here in Wales we have had for a long time and, even though I’d like nothing better to do than languish in the sunshine, I do have to earn a crust too! Thank goodness I have a nice air-conditioned workshop to hide in!

I’m pleased to say that I now have a couple of available slots for creating bespoke versions of personal Armorial Bearings, as shown in the 'Adaptation of existing Arms' feature in the gallery.

So, if you’ve had your Arms approved and registered and would like something a little better than a clip-art version of them, please contact me.

I will work with you to establish precisely how you would like each element of your Arms depicted in terms of devices, helms, mantling and motto scrolls as well as the shape of the shield, so that you will have Armorial Bearings you’ll be proud to display.

This can be done digitally as per the accompanying examle or traditionally painted on Goatskin Parchment Paper using 22carat goldleaf where applicable and stable, fade-resistant paints.

The RAF heraldry is still going well too and I have published all the full Armorial Bearings assigned to various units that were sponsored and painted for the RAF Heraldry Trust to the Gallery (if you would like any more information about the work we do and,perhaps consider sponsoring a badge, you can find them here: )

I’m also looking at starting an exciting new project involving heraldry that I will let you know about once I have something more concrete to report, but watch this space…

That’s it for now. I hope this finds you all well.