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Central Flying School Armorial Bearings

Blazon: Shield: Sable on a Fess wavy Argent between in chief two Wings conjoined and inverted Or and in base an Anchor of the third and a Sword proper pomelled and hilted Or in saltire two Bars wavy Azure.

Crest: Within a Wreath of the colours upon the Battlements of a Tower proper a Pelican Gules rising from her nest gorged with a Naval Crown all Or.

Mantling: Sable doubled Argent.

Link: The pelican which surmounts the bearings was chosen because of its heraldic representation of a seat of learning and its attitude is a reminder that, traditionally, this bird will peck at its breast and suckle its young with its own lifeblood rather than let them die in times of need. The School’s original Naval and Military origin is signified by the Naval crown around the bird’s neck and the Mural crown above the helmet. The Coat-of-Arms consists of a pair of wings representing a Pilot’s brevet, a series of wavy lines representing the River Avon, on the  banks of which the original school stood and a Naval anchor crossed with a Military sabre.


Motto: Latin: Imprimis praecepta - Our teaching is everlasting.


This was produced for the RAF Heraldry Trust and is subject to Crown Copyright.