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The Armorial Bearings of the County Council of Montgomeryshire

This is an entirely digital rendition of the Armorial Bearings of the County Council of Montgomeryshire granted on 23 January 1951.

Blazon: The Shield: Per pall reversed Or Argent and Azure three Lions rampant Gules Sable and Or all within a Bordure compony Sable and Argent.

The History: The red lion upon the gold field represents Gwenwynwyn ap Owain (Cyfeiliog) c.1155-1216 AD, who became Lord of 'Powys Wenwynwyn', an area of Powys roughly equivalent to the area that later became known as Montgomeryshire.

The black lion on the silver field represents his second cousin, Madog ap Gruffudd who, following the death of his brother became the sole ruler of 'Powys Fadog', the area which later became known as Denbighshire. He founded Valle Crucis, the last Cistercian Monastry in Wales, and was buried there following his death in c.1236 AD.

The gold lion on the blue field were the Arms of Roger de Montgomery, who was born in France in c.1022 AD and took part in the Norman Conquests of 1066. The County, its Market Town and Castle are all named after him and he died in c.1094 AD.

The black and silver border allude to the colours of the Arms of Prince Brochwel Ysgithrog (c. 502-570 AD) who won a great victory over the Saxons in a battle at Chester in c.564 AD.

The Crest: Issuant from a Mural Crown Gules a Swan rising holding in the beak a Sprig of Oak slipped leaved and fructed all proper.

The History: The red mural crown refers to Powis Castle, built from the local red sandstone, the building of which was begun by one of the last Princes of Powys, Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, common ancestor to both Madog and Gwenwynwyn who continued adding to it.

The swan refers to the many beautiful rivers and waterways of the county and the sprig of oak represents the oak of Montgomeryshire which was crucial in the building of warships for the Royal Navy in the eighteenth century.

The Mantling: Azure doubled Or - these are the colours of Roger de Montgomery.

The Supporters: On either side a Wyvern Vert gorged with a Collar pendant therefrom by a Ring a Fleece all Or.

The History: The wyverns are taken from the Crest of the Herbert family, Earls and Barons of Powis and Montgomery.

The fleece, shown as the ram dangling from a strop, refers to the rich woollen industry of Montgomeryshire which was home to some very rare breeds of sheep renowned for their exceptionally fine fleeces.

The Motto: Welsh: Powys Paradwys Cymru - Powys, Paradise of Wales.